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Who is Zebity?

Zebity is obviously a bad joke, as its needs explaining ... ;-)

Ze-BIT-Y - Ze Bits are what keeps computers running (or are the drivers of the digital era) and also as Zebity is enthausiastic he walks with a "spring" in his step and it is also a mispelling of Zebedee - a character from "The Magic Roundabout" a children's program that baby zebity watched a few moons ago, who it just happens is a jack-in-a-box and so has a spring for a leg....

If you missed out then you can see the show on YouTube.

It also happens that Zebedee is also the father of James & John (acording to the word of Wikipedia) and was a fisherman, however zebity has not "confirmed" (or baptised) this and so cannot confirm if this is correct.

Zebity was born around 1996/1997, but these original sightings have vanished in the ether, and mostly resides in Australia.

Beware of other Zebity's on the net, they are not this zebity ;-)

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